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in Italy, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino dropped a bomb on his roomies and viewers when he disclosed that he hooked up with Nicole “Snooki” Sorrentino during a trip to L. and while she was dating her current boyfriend, Jionni. When Season 5 premieres on Thursday, viewers will see that the conflict has followed them back to Seaside Heights.

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The luxurious locale openly embraces women of color, as singer Ashanti can attest to.So, being a best friend, you have to investigate.” “You have to call your friend out when they’re not being good, either or, whether it’s damaging or not, you just have to be truthful,” she continues. Watch JWoww discuss her take on her roommates’ possible hookup in the interview above.“And whether Nicole liked it or didn’t like it, that’s how I had to be, because that’s what best friends do.” PHOTOS: MTV's Jersey Shore Italy In Production When I polled THR’s readers about who they believed, 62% sided with Mike while 38% said they believed Snooki. The “Foolish” songstress has said that she frequents the country and is flown out first-class by her Arab “friends.” You never know, you may just meet a wealthy oil tycoon willing to treat you like the queen you are.You could find your very own real-life Aladdin if you play your cards right.

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