Dating on tombs of scipios

Today I was listening to one of Professor Steven Tuck's lectures in his series "Pompeii: Daily Life in an Ancient Roman City" and I was intrigued to learn that Dr.Tuck ascribes the introduction of Roman villa architecture to none other than Scipio Africanus.They conclude that the Tomb of the Licinii as we have reconstructed it is a fiction.Coincidentally, however, another scholar who works essentially with the same material and archival evidence, argues the opposite view.For more than a century the Tomb of the Licinii has decorated topographical maps of ancient Rome and been linked with some of the finest sculptures ever found in Rome.

Many, however, were sponsored by independent groups of slaves, former slaves, members of the urban cohorts, and persons who had no apparent connection to each other, who nevertheless pooled their resources to form a funerary association: an example of the last is the no-longer-extant columbarium of the Thirty-Six Associates on the Via Latina.Carefully organised, with neatly stuccoed ceilings, frescoed walls, and mosaic floors, columbaria are not to be confused with catacombs—long rambling underground galleries with crude recesses, which have been gouged out of the living tufa rock and used for inhumation.Since a columbarium represents a self-contained environment, it is ideal for evaluating the funerary rites and commemorative customs of ancient Romans who banded together for a common purpose: the eventual cremation, preservation, and memorialisation of their earthly remains.At it’s front, the model is accurately stamped with the Latin text appearing on this Scipio’s sarcophagus.This object’s robust, idiosyncratic architectural ornament is also precisely rendered with its miniature.

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