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In this season, Caroline Lagerfelt also appeared as Celia as Lily’s mother.

Robert John Burke who acts as Chuck’s father also returned for “ A Christmas Carol, themed episode in December.

In this season Joanna Garcia also appeared as Bree Buckley for the first four episodes of the season three.

Furthermore, in Gossip Girls season three, America’s Next Top model creator Tyra Banks also appeared in the fourth episodes as Ursula Nyquist, a larger than life actress, for whom Serena Van Der Woodsen temporarily works as a publicist.

Female only- or attracted to male and fine with being called a girl... Even if you do get Phil, be sure to go read Dan's result too- I like his better.

If these are like previous Medium Migraines, someone could be in danger. Maybe a group of high school students trapped on a school bus? My Creole ancestors could’ve very well been slaves, and if that’s true, I suppose I owe a lot to them and their will to survive. And there was the sound of wings, strong at first, like a dragonfly was chilling out in the bushes beside me. ****I say as simple-dream-status described in my morning pages for five months, and then I started to put ink to notebook, keystroke to digi-characters, during November, a.k.a National Novel Writing Month. and the UK is a lot cooler than the US,” I said, chuckling a bit. ” I asked, even though I knew they were both youtubers. We, actually, do You Tube.” I smiled and nodded, acting like I didn’t know. Though I already knew that; Tori is probably fangirling over Phil right now,” I said, laughing a bit. Unlike Tori, I could stay calm around famous people and favorite youtubers. “Sorry for the mess on the couch; homework,” I said, walking pass him so I could get all my school stuff back into my backpack. “Decided to move to UK for college for a different experience… “Don’t worry, I’m able to hold in fangirling better than Tori can. I turned my head to see Tori walking toward the living room, Phil following behind. “Sorry,” I said, leaving Dan and Phil in the living room as I followed Tori into the Kitchen. “Hi, you must be Phil’s roommate,” I replied, holding out my hand. Me and my friend Tori just moved in yesterday.” Dan shook my hand and smiled back. Once he was inside, I shut the door behind him and followed him into the living room. I took a seat on the other side of the couch and sat crisscross, facing Dan. Dan laughed too as I heard someone walking up behind me. “Hey,” Dan said, acting casual and I laughed a bit. If you can excuse me, I need to talk to Maya,” I heard Tori say and I rolled my eyes standing up. ” I nodded and stood to the side so Dan could walk in. I nodded, grabbing my now full backpack and setting in on the coat rack.

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