Dbml not updating designer cs

I've run into this problem a lot with both VS20 and am wondering if it's something I'm doing wrong or a bug.I'm always in code view and sometimes when I add a new server control and then open the code-behind to write code that references it, it doesn't appear in Intellisense.Eventually there will be dozens of tables involved and recreating every time one column changes in one table would be very painful.Please tell me that I am overlooking something simple.This file is a XML file that contain all definitions of the table and the stored procedure you added into the Visual Designer. Data Context and contains all methods generated to correspond to the classed generated from the tables dropped into the Visual Designer. You will have the Data Context class but also a single class for each of the tables.

Among the features added to Visual Studio by the add-in are: We use a custom written T4 template that dynamically queries the information_schema model for each table in all of our . DBML file with fresh schema info from the database.

Hi, I have a file that I have dragged several tables on to from a database in the Server Explorer.

I have written a lot of code against the model that was created.

I can drag the new table on to the dbml workspace, no problem.

But how do I make the new FK appear in the dbml class?

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