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(by making the party you become the party president) 3) Press the “Matching” buttom in the Date Matching window 4) Select what instance you wanna do.

The first being for lvl 1-20 and the 2nd being lvl 21-40 Information from this guide on the forums.

Do we have to be boy/girl or can we be boy/boy or girl/girl. Both participants must be in the level requirement or higher How can I be sure me and my friend can do a date dungeon?

Currently its only boy/girl however they do want to allow any combination. Make sure you have the same likes on your registration card. You need the Residence Card Information Reset Scroll.

I use Steam, Origin, Uplay, Go G, and self install.

Going to Ghelsaba Outpost and making a train and then killing them with an Area of Effect Weapon Skill quickly racks up the gil, and the crystals.The Grapevine is hosted by one of four people with a cap of eight participants per event (not including the host). Participants are placed in their seats at random both IC and OOC.This is not an event intended to have people stand and chatter with those they already know!Leaping Lizzy Level 30 Bastoks own version of Jaggedy Eared-Jack, Leaping Lizzy, is rather painless to kill- being only about level 16.The reward is tremendous though; with Leaping Boots selling for about 250-280K on most servers.

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