How to stop dating losers

These days, it's men who are dating women for their money.

It's not just women who are successful in business. According to dating and relationship coach Nicole Johnson, "A man is dating you for your pecuniary prestige if he consistently proposes you go shopping together, makes continual references about traveling with you or constantly suggests going out to expensive venues."It's easy to go from talking about future romantic trips to suddenly paying for vacations.

Other times, she's the successful career woman," says dating and relationship coach Julie Spira.2. According to Kirschner, you must "get them to talk about their last serious relationship or marriage and how it ended.

You can find clues there."Beware of the man who doesn't accept responsibility for his lack of funds or poor credit score.

And when you start talking about a tough day at work, he doesn't quite seem engaged.

Fewer still believed he could unite a club fractured by mismanagement on and off the pitch.

It is that sort of unity which made results like the 2-0 victory over Watford possible.

Modern dating has become such a viscous cycle that we often don’t even register a f*ckboy when he’s blatantly wasting our time.

We tend to get so caught up in the thrill of it all that we end up making some pretty poor choices and become hung up on guys who really aren’t worth stressing over.

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