Interracial transgender dating

Well now Sade’s transgender son has a few words about this situation.

For more recent proof, let’s fast forward back to 1986, and eavesdrop on Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, warning a group of British exchange students in the Chinese city of Xi’an that if they stayed in China any longer they’d become “slitty-eyed”.(Prince Philip later doubled down on the comment, alleging that nobody in China seemed to mind the remark, so why should anybody else?) And who can forget Princess Michael of Kent’s infamous New York restaurant tantrum of 2004, when the Princess, (wife of Prince Michael of Kent, a cousin of today’s Queen Elizabeth) allegedly told a table African-American diners, who she felt were having too good a time, to “go back to the colonies.” In tolerance terms, in short, the royals have been — as the kids these days like to say — a “problematic” lot. As I scream Black Lives Matter on the streets, the phone I hold in my hand is illuminated with a notification: a text from a white girl. The chauvinist in them that insists on opening doors for women quickly devolves into the pompous racist who lets doors slam in my face. They refuse to move for me (and mostly everyone else) on the train.

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