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We have bling for every body part from gold grillz for your teeth, to Rap is a website dedicated to the hottest Hip Hop Music Video Models in the world.Our goal is to not only contain the most pictures and videos of your favorite Hip Hop models but also allow you to view their body of work through print and videos. Perfect People is the largest high-quality online directory of celebrity posters, photos, pictures, filmographies, wallpapers and more. Dynasty The post Jesikah Maximus in SHOW Magazine appeared first on All Hip Hop Models. The post Jesikah Maximus in SHOW Magazine appeared first on Dynasty This keeps the walls coming and the contributors motivated!!!!••••••••••••••Pulldown Notification Background••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••Brought to you by Rockratt•••••••••••••••• Request will be taken for ANY wallpaper to be made into and used for a Pulldown Notification Background. I can only guarantee for use on Samsung Based Roms but will try to get them working on other ROMs as well.When I am finished I will post up a screenshot and link to download here in the thread. So if you have ANY personal pictures (Picture of your Girlfriend/Mom/Anything NOT found here/Babes/Etc.) you would like turned into a pulldown background then pm me with a link to the picture you want used. Choose Flash zip file from sdcard (or wherever you downloaded it to) 4. __Sk8boarder_Notification_Pulldown_Background_V R_and choose it 5. Once finished reboot phone and see your Notification Pulldown Text File To Learn How To Make Pulldown Backgrounds on your Phone: K44 VR Theme Pulldown Background Template: DW ENJOY!! 2) Please remember that I work long hours and it takes time to search.

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