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After debunking each myth, Durham offers practical suggestions for overcoming these falsehoods, including sample questions for parents and children.

Their Facebook page explains, ‘Other apps are full of creepy guys and cheesy pickup lines, but Bumble promotes a safe and respectful community.’ In other words, Bumble is marketing itself as an antidote to the now pretty dick-pic and douchebag-heavy world of Tinder dating.

Though it was a big-budget film with a well-known cast (Jeremy Irons, Frank Langella, and Melanie Griffith among them), a profitable director, and a success overseas, Lolita couldn't find a distributor in America, each of them scared off by the subject matter's profitability in an increasingly conservative sexual climate.

Its premiere on Showtime earlier this year and its appearance in select theaters represents a minor triumph in a battle that virtually no one was fighting. Unfortunately, if they had, they would have been fighting for something closer in merit to the music of 2 Live Crew than the Nabokov novel that bears the same name.

Durham, who describes herself as pro-girl and pro-media, does more than criticize profit-driven media, recognizing as part of the problem Americans' contradictory willingness to view sexualized ad images but not to talk about sex.

Chapters expose five media myths: that by flaunting her hotness a little girl is acting powerfully; that Barbie has the ideal body; that children—especially little girls—are sexy; that violence against women is sexy; and that girls must learn what boys want, but not vice versa.

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