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Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates were among those who joined Saudi Arabia on Monday in cutting diplomatic ties with Qatar.

The Arab countries have blocked Qatari vessels from entering their airspace, as well as using their seaports, and Saudi Arabia has closed off its land border.

While applauding a Kuwaiti effort to mediate the crisis, Mr Gargash said Emirati and Saudi officials plan to concede nothing to Qatar, an international air travel hub now cut off from some of the skies around it and blocked from receiving the trucks full of food it relies on to feed its citizens.

Qatar has long denied funding extremists, and its foreign minister has struck a defiant tone in interviews, even after worried residents emptied grocery shops in the capital Doha fearing food shortages.

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He offered no documents to support his claim, but Western officials have long accused Qatar's government of allowing or even encouraging funding of Sunni extremists.

While its flag carrier Qatar Airways now flies increasingly over Iran and Turkey, the airline has been blocked from landing elsewhere in the Middle East.

Al-Jazeera offices also have been shut down by authorities in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

According to the US3, the ME3's growth has been fueled by as much as billion in subsidies over the past decade, allowing them to flood the international market and threaten the job security of US aviation workers.

They also say the ME3 are in violation of the Open Skies agreements that govern air travel between the US and 120 nations including the UAE and Qatar. Last Sunday, a group of United Airlines employees, unions, and members of Congress held a protest at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey in reaction to the launch of a new daily service by Emirates from Newark to Athens, Greece — a route that United flies during the summer.

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