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"Goedele Liekens, a Belgian sexologist, is coming to save our kids and their future love lives with a frank approach to education." "Our youngsters’ understanding of sex is being skewed by a tidal wave of online imagery, but a former Miss Belgium has a novel approach to teaching them about love and relationships", wrote The Times even before the programme was aired.The Times calls Liekens "the naughty aunt wooing teenagers away from porn".monitor large but selected regions of the sky for cosmic X-ray transient sources and signal the necessity for follow-up studies with higher-sensitivity narrow-field instruments on Beppo SAX and other platforms The instrument consists of two indentical wide field cameras that are active at few ke V photon energies (or about 1 to 10 Angstrom).The field of view of each camera is unprecedently large for an astrophysical X-ray telescope: 40 X 40 square degrees. However, because of the low-earth orbit, the earth will block the field of view of either camera for a few tens of percents of the time.

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Most of the scientific instruments were developed by the Italian National Research Council (CNR) while the Wide Field Cameras were developed by the Netherlands Institute for Space Research (SRON) and the LECS was developed by the astrophysics division of the European Space Agency's ESTEC facility.

Beppo SAX was named in honour of the Italian physicist Giuseppe "Beppo" Occhialini.

Jasper Rees of The Telegraph writes that "this lively and unabashed film should be shown in every GSCE class in the country".

(...) "So hats off to Hollins Technology College in Accrington, which invited the likeable Liekens to run an intensive and bracingly explicit crash course for 13 volunteers aged 15 and 16." As her appearance in Britain did not pass unnoticed, Goedele Liekens is getting new kinds of proposals, but how far does she want to jump?

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