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One Friday, after a study group at a friend's house, T. This contact was, of course, After a bit of time groping her above the shirt -- I wanted to be romantic, after all, and take my time -- I let my hand float down to T.'s midsection, landing it at the bottom of her tank top with a tentative confidence that I can best liken to Captain Sullenberger landing Flight 1529 in the Hudson River.Having made a soft landing, I slid my hand up her shirt.

They immediately begin to grope a woman clumsily (or creepily), leaving her feeling like she's been strip searched at a third world border crossing.She lets me touch them over her clothes, but not when I go up underneath her shirt. Your girlfriend is sending you signals about how she likes to be touched; although non-verbal, it seems clear that touching her breasts (under her shirt) is off-limits.Should I stop trying to touch her every time we make out? People communicate with one another in many ways — in this case, your girlfriend is using body language to tell you something, and you are trying to interpret and translate, or figure out how to respond.Then I cupped breast, then cupped breasts, I squeezed fingers under the bra to graze nipple.Having grazed nipple, I became more daring and pinched nipple! Deliberately, I made sure to cop every feel, make every grab, pinch every area, that I had always dreamed of.

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